Chip Trick Set Special Edition

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After an E. Liebennow Effect from MAGISCHE WELT. The Chips are turned by E. Bärmann to my specifications. They are made from Acrylic with recess (even the Shell) for the printed circles. I also made the Box.

1 review for Chip Trick Set Special Edition

  1. Andy Martin

    Good old Willi! This is a wonderful routine with beautiful props from the amazing Willi Wessel! What I really like in the routine is how clean everything looks and how much Willi makes out of some relatively simple props. Also in the routine he ends up 100% ready to roll again. The beautiful box that houses the chips is also designed such that they are securely held in place during transport so you could comfortably use this for multiple tables at a close-up event.

    Watch the video and enjoy a master at work!

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